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Mobile Mechanic Providing Locking Wheel Nut Removal

At The Nut Cracker, I provide locking wheel nut removal services in Northern Ireland. My mobile service is fast, friendly, efficient and causes minimal damage to your wheels!


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"I called Jimmy and was able to easily arrange a time to suit, he was bang on time, no messing about and was able to remove all 4 lock nuts with ease, after I lost the lock nut. I would highly recommend Jimmy (The Nut Cracker) to anyone!"

Jack Dunseith, Facebook Review

If you have used my services before, I'd love to hear from you! Previously I have worked on word-of-mouth recommendations, but now that I am going digital it would be great to be able to share online some of the great things my customers have said!

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Call 07710 620511 for locking wheel nut removal from a professional mobile mechanic in Northern Ireland

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